PVC Saitama

I am pretty sure I got the idea from Alfonso and his Patreon with using a toy to paint up and have some experience with clean volumes.

So here I was, ordering Saitama at 8″ tall and £25 from ebay.

So of course, I had to clean him, which I hadn’t thought about, but couldn’t help but notice them when looking more closely. So undercoat was ready.

So then started my “sketching” phase. I realised after, it was pretty hard to cover black lol. I had original set out to do the “anime” style of painting. So lots of plainly defined volumes.

My paint transfer. I found the Kimera bottles to be extremely sloppy sadly. But the new bottles ROCK!

I am not particularly proud of him at all tbh. But I am happy that I was happy to just say, cool. I am more or less bored of you now, lets tidy you up slightly, but just move on when its at a kinda half decent state.

I can look at the above photo and I think “It just doesn’t fit” IE, from a volumes point of view something is very odd, but I do not have any desire to fix it. I am not sure if this is a good thing.

What do you think? Would finishing a model to completion and correcting the volumes give me more value as a painter then if I just say “ok cool, I’m out now”. I really am not sure.