The Room – March 2019

Humm I realised its been a bloody long time since I snapped my room. This is something I roughly enjoy doing, so here it is.

Ariel Mage Queen of Loren

Abaddon The Despoiler – Forgeworld Statue

What you see is the Collectors Edition Abaddon The Despoiler made by Forgeworld back in 2002 or near enough to that date.

As I’m needing the funds, he is now for sale. Please use the contact form or leave a comment.

Geoff Taylor – 2nd Edition Codex Original

I had the luck of stumbling upon a website that was selling Geoff’s original arts for reasonable prices. At least relative for how much I loved this artwork.

Here are the images when I was in the framing shop, as in, without the glass barrier that strips out all of the colour 😀

So of course I had to the picture framed, but boy that did cost a lot. Still its a good frame with museum glass to keep the acrylics safe.

Here you can see the difference with the glass on the painting, I have to say… I am a little bit disappointed in the colours difference. Of course it doesn’t come across properly but still.